Bill Murray Crashes Karaoke and More Crazy Moments

This week Bill Murray crashed a karaoke party. From tequila shots to hanging out in Brooklyn, relive the actor’s eight strangest off-screen adventures.

At first glance, his life is like one long Saturday Night Live sketch. Man gets divorced late in life and copes by ingratiating himself with unsuspecting Brooklynites. Tequila is involved. So is Miss USA.

Gallery: Bill Murray at Karaoke and More Crazy Moments

At age 60, Bill Murray is sowing his oats, most recently serenading a private room of gleeful karaoke singers he didn’t know. He also crashes parties in Williamsburg and is skilled at tapping a keg. No one understands why he’s become a Lost Boy on the island of Manhattan; perhaps the former Ghostbuster is yearning for something wilder than lending his voice to animated films.

To catch up on his roller-coaster ride, here’s a collection of the quirky actor’s strangest moments out on the town. Although Murray’s usually more of an impromptu guest, if you want to book the A-lister for your next birthday bash, try leaving a message on his 800 number. Maybe Bill will call you back.

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