Björk on the Financial Crisis

Have you been wishing the world’s most famous Icelander would weigh in on her country’s crisis? You’re in luck! Björk pens an op-ed in The London Times today, mourning her country’s recent troubles. When she’s not touting Iceland’s draws with a Borat-like flourish (“We have ORF, one of the best biogenetics company in the world; Össur, an artificial limb-maker; CCP, a computer games maker, and so on”), she worries that Iceland’s financial straits may allow aluminum smelters to exploit its natural beauty. (Even in crisis, Iceland’s worries seem quaint). “Because of the hundreds of naturally hot pools all over the island and our (so far) almost untouched nature,” Bjork writes, “Iceland could easily become one big lush spa where people could come and nurse their wounds and relax. If only the Government could put its money into supporting these companies rather than serving Alcoa and Rio Tinto.”