Blackwater Founder Erik Prince’s New Company Is Operating in Iraq With Chinese Backing: Report

A Hong Kong-based security company founded by Blackwater founder Erik Prince is operating in southern Iraq, BuzzFeed News reports. Prince, whose private mercenary group Blackwater won U.S. government contracts after 9/11 only to get kicked out of Iraq after killing 14 unarmed citizens during the Iraq War, reportedly founded the logistics company Frontier Services Group (FSG) in 2014 and has since expanded it into Africa, China, Southeast Asia and Dubai. BuzzFeed reports that FSG's biggest investor is the state-owned Chinese company, CITIC. Although FSG has not publicly acknowledged that it is operating in Iraq, an FSG subsidiary—Frontier Logistics Consultancy DMCC—reportedly registered with Iraq’s Ministry of Trade in February 2018, and a source told BuzzFeed its office in Iraq was in Basra. FSG, in its latest annual report, reportedly mentioned that they had new offices open in the Middle East—but did not specify the countries where the offices were located.