Kate Effect

Blame Kate If Your Purse Is Shrinking

British handbag designer says bags are getting smaller again because of Kate's love of the clutch

The Kate effect has caused a significant shrinkage in the capacity of ladies's purses, according to British bag designer Lulu Guinness.

Lulu says that as a result of Kate's penchant for being seen out and about with smaller-sized clutch bags, she herself is shrinking the size of her handbag designs to keep up with the inevitable shift in taste.

“If she’s done anything for the handbag, it’s the fact that she wears small clutch bags,” the designer tells The Daily Telegraph at the Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design opening party in Soho.

“Personally, I am making my clutch bags smaller next season, so they’re more delicate and ladylike, and that’s to do with her, I think.”

Guinness, 52, adds: “She’s very elegant, but she’s also got people carrying the other things she needs, and a big car waiting for her.”