Blitzer to Trump: You Sound Ridiculous

Donald Trump is beginning to sound like a full-blown conspiracy theorist, pushing his birtherism on CNBC Tuesday morning. Later, he called in to CNN only to be told by Wolf Blitzer that he‘s “beginning to sound a little ridiculous.’ No one wants to hear it anymore, yet Trump can’t give it up. “You are, Wolf. Let me tell you something, I think you sound ridiculous, and if you’d ask me a question and let me answer it.” So Blitzer humored Trump and asked, “Did the conspiracy start in 1961 where the Honolulu Star-Bulletin and the Advertiser contemporaneously published announcements that he was born in Hawaii?” And then Trump replied: “Many people put those announcements in because they want to get the benefit of getting so-called born in this country. Many people did it. It was something done by many people even though they weren’t born in the country. You know it and I know it.”