Bloomberg, Bachmann, More Politicians’ Language Misfires: Watch Video

Bloomberg butchers Spanish, Bachmann’s "chutzpah," Clinton says “Sí, se pueda,” and more language fails.

El Bloombito

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg made a valiant effort to speak Spanish at a press conference about Hurricane Irene. Sadly, he butchered the language, set the Twitterverse on fire, and even spawned a fake Twitter account, @ElBloombito. With tweets like “los floodwaters!” and “Nueva Yorkos! Remain in la casa para mucho rain y lighningo y thundera! El Bang Bang!,” Miguel Bloombito looks as though he’ll be around for the next hurricane that threatens New York City.

Michele Bachmann’s Ch-utzpah

Oy! Though Michele Bachmann once worked on a kibbutz and has always been pro-Israel, her Jewish street cred is hurting after a recent interview with Greta van Susteren. Discussing President Obama’s audacity, Bachmann used the Yiddish word for it—“chutzpah”—but pronounced it CHOOT-spa. (It’s actually HOOT-spa.) Naturally, Bachmann’s gaffe has already given her critics a lot of naches.

Hilary Says, "Sí, Se Pueda!"

Remember when Hillary Clinton attempted to habla español and failed miserably? In a speech to the United Farm Workers while on the campaign trail in 2008, Clinton tried to say their motto, “Sí, se puede,” which roughly translates to “Yes, we can.” But apparently, the then candidate could not use the correct tense.

Monsieur Romney

If you don’t speak French as well as Mitt Romney, don’t worry—he’s not introducing himself as the president of the United States in this video. Instead, the current GOP presidential candidate speaks about the volunteers of the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. Romney’s accent may not be as great as Tony Blair’s, but it’s still a respectable effort.

El Dubya

Dubya may not be the best Spanish speaker in his family, but he sure is confident. Compared with El Bloombito, however, this Texas cowboy’s accent is muy bueno.

Obama Needs Some Spanish Educación

The president—or should we say el presidente—sounds like he’s had a Spanish class or two. In this ad, Barack Obama extended his message of the American dream, el sueño to the Spanish-speaking community. No wonder he’s the jefe.