Boehner Doubts House Will Act on Border

Speaking to reporters on Thursday, Republican House Speaker John Boehner cast a shadow on hopes for action by Congress to address the crisis on the U.S. southern border. "I don't have as much optimism as I'd like to have," Boehner said about action before the August recess. The Obama administration has asked Congress for money to deal with the crisis, as it claims multiple agencies will run out of funds in August after dealing with the surge in minors. The sticking point for Republicans is the Bush-era law that requires minors from a non-contiguous country to receive a hearing before being deported. "I don't know how Congress can send more money to the border to begin to mitigate the problem if don't do something about the '08 law that's being abused, and it is being abused," Boehner said. However, Boehner would need Democrat support to do anything, as a large contingent of his caucus would be opposed to any money to help the administration's efforts.