Boehner: We’re ‘Prepared to Come Back’

Without the world ending, it must be time to take back up that fiscal-cliff compromise. House Speaker John Boehner said Friday that the failure of the so-called Plan B fiscal-cliff deal was “the will of the House.” The “real issue,” Boehner said in a press conference, was that many GOP members did not want to be perceived as having to raise taxes. “It’s God’s will,” Boehner said. As for his future as the most powerful man on the Hill, Boehner said he is not worried. “If you do the right things every day for the right reasons, the right things will happen,” Boehner said. A deal must be reached by Jan. 1 to avoid the fiscal cliff, the name given for when a series of draconian spending cuts will automatically go into place and the Bush tax cuts will expire.