Boris Johnson Says He Once Accidentally Hung Up on Trump

Britain’s answer to Donald Trump, Boris Johnson, told the London Sunday Times that he was sure he was being pranked when someone from No. 10 Downing Street called him to say the president of the United States was on the line. The call, which happened shortly after Trump was elected, did eventually go through. “The person had a mild Irish accent and said, ‘This is the No. 10 switchboard, we have got the president of the United States for you. I am just going to patch you through to the White House situation room,’” Johnson told the paper in a wide ranging interview. “Thinking quickly as I do, I said, ‘To all our listeners on Radio Kilkenny, I was not fooled for an instant.’” Johnson then hung up the phone before Trump came on the line and quickly dialed No. 10 Downing Street, only to be told “indeed it was the president.”