In Memoriam

Bostonians Remember Ted

Sen. Ted Kennedy may be remembered as the lion of the Senate, but forMassachusetts residents he was a local hero. As his motorcade traveledfrom the family compound in Cape Cod to the JFK Library in Boston onThursday, it passed many monuments that marked the Kennedys' lives. His body passed the St. Stephen's Church, where his mother wasbaptized and her funeral held; Bowdoin Street where he worked as a youngdistrict attorney; and Faneuil Hall, where he announced his bid for thepresidency in 1980. There, citizens gathered while the mayor ofBoston rang the Faneuil Hall bell 47 times—each marking a year Kennedyserved the state in the U.S. Senate. And as he went, just as the coffinof his brother Robert F. Kennedy was mourned as it traversed the nationon a train, Bostonians gathered in tribute. Red Sox fans packedFenway Park on Wednesday night to listen to "Taps" in honor of Kennedy;others gathered outside the JFK Museum.