Botox Mom: I Lied for Cash

The woman who claimed on Good Morning America that she injected her 8-year-old daughter with Botox now says she made up the whole story for money. In a sworn declaration, Sheena Upton claims that the British tabloid The Sun asked her to “play the role of Kerry Campbell” for a story and paid her $200. Upton says she was then approached by American television shows and was offered large sums of money to tell the story. Child-welfare officials took Upton’s daughter away after the interviews. But in the sworn statement Upton says, “The truth is I have never given my daughter Botox … nor is she a beauty pageant contestant.” She also says a medical exam found that the girl had not ever received Botox treatments. The report from the UCLA Medical Center was reportedly sent to child-welfare officials, and her daughter was returned.