‘Brady Bunch’ Actress Not Happy Anti-Vaxxers Use Show to Downplay Measles Risks

In an attempt to convince people that getting measles isn’t such a bad thing after all, prominent anti-vaxxers have resorted to citing a 1969 episode of The Brady Bunch in which the family gets measles and is largely OK. But Maureen McCormick, who played Marcia on the show, isn’t happy about that. After she discovered that an anti-vax Facebook group was sharing memes of her without her permission, she told NPR, “I was really concerned with that and wanted to get to the bottom of that, because I was never contacted.” It’s especially frustrating, McCormick said, because she got measles as a kid—and it definitely wasn’t a minor illness. “Having the measles was not a fun thing,” she said. “I remember it spread through my family.” In 2000, 31 years after that Brady Bunch episode, measles was eradicated—but in recent months, it’s returned with a vengeance, and there are now cases in at least 20 states.