Breaking: Harry Buys sandwich

Breaking: Harry Buys sandwich

I always thought that one of the advantages of being a member of the Royal family was all the free food.

But, apparently not. For, in a world-beating exclusive, the Daily Mail is reporting the breaking news that Prince Harry, "third in line to the British throne" no less, "was spotted at Marks & Spencers in Kensington High Street, West London...Just like anyone else, the Queen’s grandson joined hundreds of people during the lunchtime rush to peruse the sandwich section, before moving on to the fruit and veg."

I know, its reportage genius, and surely not unrelated to the fact that the offices of the Daily Mail are also located on Kensington High Street, and Marks and Spencer's sandwich department is one of the Daily Mail staffers favorite lunch-time fodder-stops.

The only question remaining - wil the lucky reporter be able to put their own sandwich on expenses?