Breitbart Flack Quits, Says Trump ‘Wrong’

Breitbart News spokesman Kurt Bardella resigned Friday amid the conservative website’s struggles to properly defend its reporter Michelle Fields after she claimed she was “grabbed” by Donald Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski earlier in the week. “When you reach the point where you can’t give 100 percent to people you represent, it’s not tenable to continue representing them,” Bardella said in a statement. “My own personal observation is that there is a cycle of behavior that is escalating and it’s happening exclusively at Donald Trump events. It is wrong, disgusting, and indicative of an ugliness that is contaminating the public and political discourse in our country.” He concluded: “Life is too short to invest your time in things you don’t believe and aren’t passionate about. That is why I made the decision to resign from representing Breitbart.”