Brian Kilmeade: Jimmy Kimmel Attack Was ‘Hard to Stomach’

In a new interview with Politico Playbook, Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade opened up about how much Jimmy Kimmel’s words hurt his feelings last month. “He just went off. What I found hard to stomach was the personal attack. He doesn’t like what I do, that’s fine,” Kilmeade said. “I couldn’t believe how personal he went.” After Kilmeade accused “Hollywood elites like comedian Jimmy Kimmel from pushing their politics on the rest of the country” by speaking out on health care, Kimmel fired back on his show. “I don’t get anything out of this, Brian, you phony little creep. Oh, I’ll pound you when I see you,” Kimmel told the Fox host. “I found it very entertaining that he ended it with a personal threat,” Kilmeade added, noting that because Kimmel was using Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s “talking points,” he “might as well have been debating Chuck Schumer” with “charisma and a sense of humor.”