Strip? OK!

British Aristocrat and Friend Strip Topless In Airport Security Protest, Captured on CCTV

Airport security. Tedious stuff. And who hasn't been tempted to make the occasional protest?

Most of us tend to grit our teeth and submit to the inane demands of the jobsworths on duty, but one famously outrageous British aristocrat, Lady Kelly Hadfield-Hyde, 51, and her pal Ann Chadwick, 48, decided to bare all when she could bear it no longer.

Lady Kelly and her friend, who were on their way to Spain and had drunk a bottle of wine before boarding, stripped off their tops and bras and danced around the departures hall, taunting security staff in a bonkers naked protest that ended up landing her in court last week. She was fined £55 with £850 costs.

The CCTV video which has leaked onto the web has the boobs blurred out so is sort-of-safe-for-work.

According to the Manchester Evening News, Chadwick pleaded guilty to a public order offence, while Hadfield-Hyde was found guilty after a bizarre trial, where defending herself, she insisted she had been 'commanded' to remove her clothes by the security officer.

From The MEN:Hadfield-Hyde, of Warton Street, Lytham St Annes, claimed she had been ordered to strip off by a guard.She said: "He was a custom officer, they have more power than God. I said 'just my jacket? And he said no, no, all off."So I did as I was told. That's what he was telling me to do. What would you do?"I wasn't parading around to make a show of myself, I was trying to get my arm in my blouse to cover up."Denying having sworn at the security officers, she added; "I swear on my life, my dog's life and my children's life my father brought me up properly, I do not use the vernacular. I'm not aggressive."