British Cafe Bans Avocados Because of Sustainability, Concerns Over Mexican Drug Cartels

A farm-based cafe in England has banned avocados from the menu, saying that using the popular food in favor of sustainable, local fair is “just plain wrong,” according to an Instagram post. Wild Strawberry Cafe, which is located on the Peterly Manor Farm in Buckinghamshire, said in a post earlier this week “we will no longer be serving avocados in the yurt.” “This is not a joke,” Wild Strawberry’s post said. “Controversial? Absolutely…”The cafe explained that “locally sourced ingredients have been woven into our identity from day one.” While Wild Strawberry admits it may use a “pinch of an Indian spice, a drizzle of Italian olive oil, or a crumble of Greek feta” from time to time, the immense interest in avocados stands at odds with its “local ethos” for environmental and social concerns. Flying avocados across the world requires “fuel guzzling” planes. Ignoring the “plentiful supply of perfectly delicious, nutritious food on our doorstep is just plain wrong.” Cafe management also cited reports of Mexican drug cartels’ involvement in exports as contributing to their decision. According to reports, several other trendy cafes have abandoned avocados due to similar concerns.