Terminally Ill NYC Bank Bandit Freed by Judge Robs Again: Cops

A Manhattan judge cut a terminally ill bank bandit a break, sentencing him to time served for a string of robberies. How did he repay the kindness? According to police, he went out nine days later and stole $200 from another bank, the New York Daily News reported. And then a day later he robbed $2,000 from a branch. Jamie Frierson, 49, who has stage IV colon cancer, could have gotten up to 17 years in prison after being convicted of five heists in 2017, but he begged for mercy. “If I have to die, I’m just hoping that I can die around my family and not prison,” he reportedly told Judge Analisa Torres, who let him go on April 29—over the objection of prosecutors. He was arrested Tuesday and was placed under police guard at the hospital.