Brooke Shields' Mother Scammed

Brooke Shields probably thought being at the center of the Kiefer Sutherland head-butting scandal was her lowest point this month. But she was wrong: Shields' mother, who suffers from dementia, was checked out of her nursing home by two journalists looking for a "tabloid story." Two freelance reporters—who police said worked for the National Enquirer—appeared at the New Jersey nursing home on Thursday and checked out Teri Shields, 75, pretending to be her friends. The reporters drove the elder Shields around the neighborhood mining for gossip, and police found them in a diner not far from the nursing home. "The idea that the National Enquirer took advantage of her state is reprehensible and disgusting," the actress said. "I intend to take every lawful action against all who were involved or who authorized this despicable act."