Brothers Mueller Show How New Newsweek iPad App Works

Meet the Brothers Mueller. Let design geniuses Kirk and Nate—can you tell them apart?—take you on a tour of the new Newsweek iPad app.

If, like many people who’ve met them, you’re having trouble telling Kirk and Nate Mueller apart, don’t worry about it. After all, it doesn’t offend them. Unlike scores of identical twins who’ve gone to great lengths to carve out individual identities for themselves, the two design stars have turned their twindom into one big, splashy branding exercise. Their Alexander Olch bow ties? Identical. Jackets, pants, shoes? Same too. They even get their hair cut at the same place, on the same day; live in the same apartment; share a bank account; and profess to have almost exactly the same taste in men. (Thankfully, not each other, although they get questions about that all the time, and are as good natured about it as they are everything else.). Anyway, now, they’ve designed the Newsweek iPad app and they’re here to talk all about it, as well as answer every other stupid question we threw their way.