Brown Says Son’s Medical Files Hacked

More details have emerged regarding how Rupert Murdoch's newspapers allegedly repeatedly targeted former Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s family, including his young son’s medical records, as Brown alleged Monday. Brown’s son Fraser, now 5, was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis when he was four months old in November 2006. Brown said that as he and his wife, Sarah, dealt with that shock, they soon had another one: News International executive Rebekah Brooks, then editor of The Sun newspaper, called to tell them the newspaper would be publishing their son’s diagnosis. Letters, tape recordings, and other records, released Monday with Brown’s cooperation, indicate that The Sunday Times and The Sun—both owned by Murdoch—obtained confidential information about Brown and his family. The records also allege that highly sensitive information about Brown's daughter, Jennifer, was obtained and published the weekend before she died of a brain hemorrhage in 2002.