Cain Accusers May Hold Joint Presser

How would Cain react if all four of his accusers ganged up on him in a joint press conference? The idea was proposed on Tuesday by Karen Kraushaar, the second woman who came forward with allegations of sexual harassment. Kraushaar confirmed to CBS News that she was interested in convening with the other women in public and that she had indeed filed a complaint against Cain. Her lawyer followed up with an email saying Kraushaar wanted to hold a presser “with as many of the women who complained of sexual harassment as will participate.” Cain’s camp continues to deny all allegations, and his campaign manager even went on the attack, accusing Kraushaar of having a son who worked at Politico. Politico maintains that the man in question, John Kraushaar, was a former reporter who transferred to another media outlet in 2010. Kraushaar himself later tweeted that while he shares Karen’s last name, the two are not related.