Cali Fires Could Reach TV Transmitters

The wildfires tearing through California have tripled in size—and now, they’re threatening 12,000 homes as well as television transmission towers atop Mount Wilson. The towers service every major radio and television station in the area, though satellite service shouldn't be affected. An historic observatory is also on Mount Wilson. Thousands fled as fires continued to spread on Sunday, reaching north of Los Angeles and toward the city of Acton. They have already burned more than 55 square miles. Air crews fought the fires near canyon homes, but according to the Forest Service, it’s difficult to drop water along the ridgelines. Last night, three civilians were burned and airlifted out of Big Tujunga Canyon, and three to five homes were lost. The Los Angeles Times reports that “a wall of fire crept like lava” toward Pickens Canyon, igniting trees as it went. Said one scientist watching the fires: “Nothing can stop it.”