Cambridge Students Vow To Continue Controversial #Whereswilly Blog Despite Harrasment Fears

Student editors vow to continue blog tracking William at Cambridge

The editors of a student website at Cambridge University, has said that the publication will continue with a controversial blog tracking the movements of Prince William at the University.

The editors of the Tab student website had been warned that running the #where'swilly blog could constitute harassment, however they seem determined to continue with the project, saying today that they were "intending to continue with #where'swilly this term. We must stress that we are not encouraging any harassment of Wills and … will not be offering any T-shirts as prizes."

William is attending Cambridge University on a 10 week "bespoke" course focused on agricultural management, designed to fit him for his future role as CEO of the Duchy of Cornwall, the vast private estate which provides an income to the heir to the throne.

Prince William traveled to Cambridge for his first day at the University yesterday and was greeted by university worthies.

The prince traveled to Cambridge by train, in a standard-class train carriage from Kings Cross.

Fellow passenger Max Hardy commented: "It was certainly a surprise but he was just like any other passenger. It was all very low-key to be honest, he just seemed to be getting on with his day."

Prince William is in Cambridge for 10 weeks studying a course in agricultural management.

Once the course is complete, William will be almost directly departing the UK for an extended tour of Australia and New Zealand.