Morning After

Cameron Reaches Out to Lib Dems

After the British election resulted in a hung parliament, Tory leader David Cameron will attempt to strike a deal with a "big open and comprehensive offer" to the Liberal Democrat party. Cameron's Conservative Party garnered the most seats (306) but failed to pick up the 326 needed for a majority. In accordance with past practices under Britain's unwritten constitution, in the event of a hung parliament the current sitting prime minister reserves the right to initially put together a government. According to Cameron, however, Gordon Brown of the Labour Party has "lost his mandate to govern" the nation in light of the election results, and Nick Clegg, leader of the Lib Dems, is in agreement. Said Brown on the matter: "I understand and completely respect the position of Mr. Clegg in stating that he wishes first to make contact with the leader of the Conservative Party." He added that if nothing materialized from the discussions that he "would be prepared to discuss with Mr. Clegg the areas where there may be some measure of agreement between our two parties."