Camilla Says She Might Be Queen

Camilla Parker-Bowles has clearly not given up on her dream to be Queen Camilla, saying, "You never know" when asked if she would one day bear the title.

Camilla was responding to a question not from a seasoned royal reporter (cough, cough) but to a question form a six year-old.

The Evening Standard reported that she made the comment on a trip to a London school.The remark came just three months after Charles published information on his website specifying that Camila would be known as 'Princess Consort' instead of 'Queen Consort' - usually abbreviated to Queen when he accedes to the throne. But privately Prince Charles has for many years made no secret of the fact to his trusted inner circle that he wants her to be crowned Queen of England when he finally ascends to the throne.This, as Charles has pointed out to allies and senior courtiers, would have been entirely in accordance with tradition - and British constitutional law. But Camilla has always been a special case, owing not so much to the fact that she is a divorcee as to public affection for Princess Diana, whom, despite her own love affairs, the British public for the most part still perceive as grossly and tragically wronged by the continuance of Charles and Camilla’s relationship after the Royal wedding in 1981. Diana famously described Camilla as the third person in her marriage.Queen Elizabeth and her husband Philip were encouraged in no small part to sanction the marriage of Charles and Camilla because at the time of their wedding, Charles’s office announced that when Charles ascended to the throne, Camilla would be known as “HRH Princess Consort”.But, in recent years, Charles had appeared to be quietly looking to row back on that understanding and for Camilla’s position to be completely regularised upon his ascension, and for her to be crowned Queen.In November 2010, the gossip reached the ears of NBC’s Brian Williams, who had been lined up for an interview with Charles to mark the engagement of William and Kate.He guilelessly ask Charles: Would the Duchess of Cornwall become Queen if and when he came to the throne?Charles looked utterly flabbergasted to be confronted with what is likely to be the very first controversy of his reign and stammered a reply: “Er, that’s, that’s, we’ll see, won’t we? But, er, that could be.”“That could be.” Those three words confirmed what many had suspected all along, that the “Princess Consort” formulation was just a ruse to soften up the British public and get them used to Camilla, and to get the wedding past his parents, but that when the crunch came, Charles would simply go ahead as he had always planned and annoint Camila as his Queen.These latest unguraded comments only confirm that Charles and Camilla continue to harbour hopes that she will one day be Queen, despite the public denials.