Let Us Pray

Camilla To Be Included In Official Prayers

WPA Pool

The route to the Queen's heart is a long one, but it appears Camilla is approaching that destination, with news that, according to royal sources quoted by Sebastian Shakespeare in the Daily Mail, the Queen has spoken to Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby and the Dean of Windsor, David Conner, about including the Duchess of Cornwall in the Church of England’s official prayer list.

It may all sound a bit North Korea, but, make no mistake, this would be huge and symbolic gesture by the Queen that she accepts Camilla, and it is also an important part of Charles's long-running 'Queen Camilla' campaign.

At the moment, only the Queen, Prince Philip and the Prince of Wales are individually remembered in state prayers.

Diana was controversially dropped from the prayer rosta after she divorced Charles, and when Camilla was not included in the state prayers, it was a clear snub to Charles's former mistress.

But now, forgiveness and acceptance, it seems, is at hand.

Even if it has been an awfully long time coming. The couple celebrate their ninth wedding anniversary next month.