Camilla's Quest

Camilla's Quest For Rape Victims

Camilla Parker Bowles stepped forward last night to champion the rights of one of society’s most neglected groups - victims of rape and sexual abuse – and outlined a new plan to give rape victims washbags filled with luxury toiletries in a simple gesture to help them feel ‘more human’ after going through a traumatic ordeal.

Camilla came up with the washbags idea after meeting victims in Derbyshire and discussing what would make them feel ‘more human’ after going through such a traumatic ordeal and subsequent forensic examinations.

Staff at her private office at Clarence House are making up 750 bags using donations of shampoo and body wash from companies including Marks & Spencer, Champneys, 2 True and Trevor Sorbie, in a move that has been welcomed by victims and victims-rights groups.

Camilla has been campaigning for the rights of rape victims since 2009, hearing the stories of rape victims up and down the land, meeting campaigners and talking to police officers.

Last night she held a reception at Clarence House for groups dealing with rape and sexual abuse, telling the reception: “I have spoken to many of these victims, whose bravery in speaking out and sharing their stories has been truly humbling — this, as many of you here know, is both for the speaker and the listener a harrowing experience. Perhaps from this small beginning we will be able to build a future where society will simply not tolerate rape and sexual abuse any longer.”