Canada Parliament Topples Gov't

The latest toppled government isn’t in the Middle East: Canadian opposition parties held Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservative government in contempt of parliament during a no-confidence vote Friday. The vote was 156 to 145 for failing to disclose financial details, including crime legislation, corporate tax cuts, and plans to purchase stealth-fighter jets. Even though opposition parties toppled the Conservatives in the vote, they’re still expected to lose the ensuing election, according to recent polls. However, the Conservative government will likely continue to govern with a minority in parliament, since the opposition parties currently have a 160 to 143 majority. Harper’s government has come under criticism even while Canada has outperformed most other industrialized democracies during the financial crisis. “By forcing an unnecessary election in this time of fragile economic recovery, Michael Ignatieff and his coalition partners are irresponsibly and recklessly putting at risk Canadians’ jobs, our economy and stable government,” said Harper.