Candidates Tackle the Economy

The Republican candidates took on the economy at the beginning of the Fox News/Google debate Thursday night. The candidates launched straight into questions with no openings, as Gov. Rick Perry touted his “Texas miracle” and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney repeated his “59-point Economic Plan.” “I want everyone in America to be rich,” Romney proclaimed, refusing to put a number value on what constitutes a wealthy person. Michele Bachmann, meanwhile, said she believed that “for every dollar you own, you should get to keep that dollar,” and that the best decisions are made by “private solutions to the public sector.” Meanwhile, former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum said he wanted to abolish public-sector unions and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said he wanted to abolish unemployment compensation because “people should not get money for doing nothing.” But the heavy cheers came for Texas Rep. Ron Paul’s response about how he would veto any bill that violates the 10th Amendment.