Canseco Going to Correspondents’ Dinner?

The nerd prom just won some serious street cred. The website’s press director on Wednesday invited former baseball legend Jose Canseco to the White House Correspondents’ Dinner after he tweeted up a storm about politics. On Wednesday, Canseco weighed in on Chuck Hagel’s pending confirmation as secretary of Defense, tweeting that the former senator “will be confirmed” because “neocons resent him for iraq break and will weaken him,” and he said Breitbart’s ”Friends of Hamas” rumor “didn’t help” (although he wrongly attributed the rumor to Politico). Canseco responded to the official invitation—tweeted by BuzzFeed’s Ashley McCollum—with an excited tweet of his own. “I have always wanted to go to that dinner ash. bet I could track dick lugar down there. set it up!” McCollum said she “sure as hell hopes” Canseco will be attending with her. Who doesn’t?