Cardinals Win on Obstruction Call

You weren’t imagining that collective WTF cry from Boston just after midnight on Sunday. Seriously, isn’t the Red Sox curse supposed to be over? The Cardinals walked away with a Game 3 victory on an obstruction call in one of the wildest victories in a World Series Games ever. Here’s how it went down: in the bottom of the ninth, with the score tied at 4, Red Sox catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia (who had already tagged the Cardinals' Yadair Molina out at home) to third baseman Will Middlebrooks—but the throw was wide, and Middlebrooks dove for the catch and the ball instead bouncing off him. Cardinal Allen Craig tripped over Middlebrooks (who hadn't made the catch) as he headed toward home. Craig was tagged at home, but it was too late—the third base umpire called obstruction. The call put the Cardinals ahead 5-4 at the bottom of the ninth, thus winning them the game. The Cardinals lead the series 2-1.