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Cartoon Streetfights, Giant Mutant Spider Dogs, and More Viral Videos

From cartoon characters streetfighting in Russia to a new take on the horror genre, watch our countdown of this week’s buzziest videos.


5. Russian Cartoon Character Streetfight

It has become one of the Internet’s running jokes—a meme, dare I say—that Russia is weird, and with good reason. Knocking on wood is considered insufficient to avoid jinx or bad luck in Russia—you’ve got to spit three times over your left shoulder as well. They certainly go all out on their tombstones. And everyone in that part of the world seems to have a dash cam in their car that is constantly running, ready to document weird Russian stuff. This one captured a cartoon character traffic beef-turned-streetfight that by now just seems like a normal Tuesday in Putinland.

4. Adam Levine Plays Wheel of Musical Impressions

Opinions are certainly divided regarding the off-stage merits of Maroon 5’s leading man, Adam Levine. There’s considerably less debate about the man’s talent. He can sing. That’s on show here, along with a healthy sense of humor, as he joins Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show to do some impressions of music’s biggest stars, past and present.

3. USA B-Ball Stars Experience the Haka

The Haka, a traditional Maori dance, is best known as the pregame ritual of the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team. The nation’s “Tall Blacks” national basketball team, looking to channel the intimidating tactics of the rugby squad, did their own rendition before a FIBA World Cup game against the USA. America’s squad of young NBA stars looked on, a bit bewildered, as the New Zealanders did their thing. Then they beat the living daylights out of the Kiwis, 98-71.

2. Mutant Giant Spider Dog

Here’s another unusual dispatch from the former Eastern Bloc. Polish prankster Sylwester Wardega has made a Youtube name for himself dressing up as Spiderman and spraying silly string at police, amongst other feats. Here’s his take on the horror genre, a reality show-monster movie hybrid starring a little dog dressed up like a giant tarantula. His victims made the mistake of venturing to dark corners of this Polish urban center when Wardega and his “Mutant Giant Spider Dog” were around.

1. Mother-Daughter Moment

Alzheimer’s is a tragic disease in a number of ways, not least because of its effects on those around each victim. The sixth-leading cause of death in the United States, the disease can take a tragic toll on family members and those tasked with caring for an Alzheimer’s patient, who at some point forget who friends, children, and spouses are. This video is hope for those who surround a patient, as a mother remembers her daughter’s name and face for the first time in a long time—if only for a moment.