With Play Fights Like This

‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl Defends Brawl With Her Mom as ‘Playfighting’

A disturbing video of a Danielle Bregoli’s mom brawling with her daughter and calling her a ‘bitch’ raised questions about her parenting style. But Bregoli has moved to defend her mom.


When 13 year-old Danielle Bregoli appeared on the execrable Dr Phil (for a segment entitled “I Want to Give Up My Car-Stealing, Knife-Wielding, Twerking 13-Year-Old Daughter Who Tried to Frame Me for a Crime”) and became the icon of teenage delinquents everywhere after uttering her immortal line, “Cash me outside, howbow dah?” her mom, Barbara Ann, was careful to play the part of despairing parent who had only tried their best.She blamed Danielle’s unruly behavior—and her catchphrase that has since become a killer meme—on her exposure to the “street.”However, this week, a disturbing video that showed Bregoli being pinned to the ground and called a “bitch” by her mother surfaced and cast a very different light on the dynamics of the mother-daughter relationship and the forces that may have molded Danielle.It is believed the unsettling footage was shot as long as three years ago, which would mean Danielle could have been as young as 10 in the video.There were calls for children’s advocates or the police to investigate the cellphone footage—which Danielle has said was leaked by her former best friend—but it is not clear whether any such investigation has indeed taken place.Danielle is standing by her mom, telling a TMZ camera crew in Beverly Hills that the clip doesn’t accurately portray the events of the day.She told the TMZ cameraman that the encounter was nothing but “play fighting.”“Me and my mother are not fighting on the floor. We are play fighting,” she told TMZ. “My ex-best friend took it to a whole other level. It wasn’t what it was at all. We were play fighting on the floor and I hit her too hard and she kind of pushed me on the floor. That’s all that happened.”Danielle added, “People need to take their head out of shit they shouldn’t have their head in. My mother is not abusive, she doesn’t abuse me. I love my mother.”The furor comes after Danielle, who is now said to be attempting to charge thousands of dollars for public appearances, was filmed getting into a fight in Florida bar.Security-cam footage of the incident—which was triggered after one of her teenage friends allegedly threw an ice cream at a bar patron—was posted on YouTube on Sunday.According to a post accompanying the video, the woman at the center of the row had suggested that Bregoli was out past her curfew.Earlier this year, Danielle and her mother received a lifetime ban from an airline after punching a fellow passenger who she claimed had pushed her mom.