Cat Accidentally Shipped Hundreds of Miles Away After Hiding in Package Is Reunited With Its Owner

A Nova Scotia house cat that crawled into an outgoing package and got shipped off to Alberta province has been found and reunited with its family, CBC News reports. The cat, named Baloo, reportedly snuck into a package containing a tire rim about an hour before his owner, Jacqueline Lake, shipped it off. Upon sending the package, Lake reportedly noticed one tire rim was 10 pounds heavier than the other tire rim in another package—but she shrugged it off. According to CBC, Lake then realized Baloo was missing and thought the cat had slipped out of the house. “I was really starting to lose hope he was going to come back,” Lake was quoted as saying. “He’s a very docile kitty, but he’s very curious and gets into things.” She reportedly received a call four days later from the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, notifying her that Baloo had been found by mail employees in Montreal. Lake didn’t have the money to travel, so a network of SPCA volunteers drove Baloo back home—where he appears to be healthy despite the 1,491-mile trip.