New York Lawmakers Pass Bill to Make Cat Declawing Illegal in State

New York lawmakers in the state Senate and Assembly passed a bill Tuesday to ban cat declawing operations, local news station WCAX reports. If the bill is signed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a $1,000 fine would be imposed on any veterinarian who conducts the procedure. However, there are exceptions to the ban for cats that need declawing due to a “medical reason” like “an injury or an infection.” Experts against the ban told the station the measure would lead to more stray cats on the streets, but the bill’s supporters said the declawing procedure is no different from “cutting off your first knuckle.” Cuomo reportedly has not indicated his stance on the bill, which was introduced years ago but finally came to a vote on Tuesday. According to NBC New York, the state could be the first to ban declawing if the bill is signed—following in the footsteps of cities in California and Colorado.