CBS News Fires Josh Elliott

Several days after announcing his departure from CBS’s digital outlet for a role with the main TV channel, Josh Elliott was fired by the network. According to the New York Post, Elliott—who joined CBS just last year—recently met with the outlet’s head of talent, Laurie Orlando, who said she envisioned him taking on a bigger role with the TV network. He then took to CBSN on Friday to bid viewers farewell—except CBS executives were reportedly unaware of the departure or planned changes in his role. “Josh was called to a meeting [on Monday] with CBS News heads including David Rhodes and fired,” a source told the Post. “He was escorted out of the building by security. Meanwhile, Laurie Orlando, who seems to be responsible for much of this mess is missing. Nobody has seen her. This is a mystifying situation.” Prior to anchoring CBSN, Elliott served as a sports anchor for NBC News after several years of anchoring ABC’s Good Morning America and ESPN’s SportsCenter.