CBS Sued for Penile Impropriety

CBS has come under fire for running a story based on a 21-year-old man's claims that the network ran the story of his embarrassing battle with penile papules (commonly referred to as "penis pimples") on the show The Doctors. Tyler Bowling alleges in a lawsuit that he was tricked into appearing on national television, despite being told by Dr. William Goff's office that the footage would be anonymized and shown only to medical students and practitioners. Bowling also wasn't told that there would be a studio audience, and claims that as more details became available, the more reservations he displayed. However, Bowling clearly appears on the show and is awarded for his "bravery" in coming to the show to tell his story. And though he signed the release, Bowling now claims he was cajoled into doing so. The case seeks punitive damages for "relentless embarrassment and harassment," and Bowling alleges privacy invasion, fraud, negligent misrepresentation, emotional distress, and misappropriation of his likeness.