Chaffetz Grilled in Raucous Utah Town Hall

Rep. Jason Chaffetz, the Republican in charge of the House Oversight Committee, faced a raucous and mostly hostile crowd Thursday evening at a town-hall meeting in his home state of Utah. According to The Salt Lake Tribune, the congressman had a difficult time answering many questions about his largely favorable treatment of President Trump, as boos and jeers drowned out his responses. During the 75-minute event, the packed-house crowd reportedly grilled him on his “refusal to investigate President Donald Trump’s potential conflicts of interest. They doggedly pursued him for his initiatives to transfer or sell public lands. They questioned his position on immigration and refugees.” In total, Chaffetz answered 13 questions, but not without some tense back-and-forth as well as protests outside the auditorium from an overflow crowd, where people carried signs saying “Do your job” and “America is better than this.”