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Charles Asks Spice Girl When They Will Reunite

Stuart C. Wilson

Prince Charles showed his age today when he asked former Spice Girl Emma Bunton when the Spice Girls were going to reunite - but appeared to have no idea who Christina Aguilera was.

Charles, a classical music buff, also disclosed that he offered some 'gentle persuasion' when advising Kate Middleton on her wedding music.

Charles and Camilla were touring London radio stations today as part of a day to celebrate British radio.

Camilla fell into the inevitable trap of getting pictured attempting to DJ on the decks at one station, Kiss FM.

Charles later chatted to Heart FM star and former Spice Girl Emma Bunton - and asked her if the girls might reform.

"He is always such a lovely man and it was so nice to see him again. He was asking me about when the Spice Girls were going to reunite. That puts a bit of pressure on you! He always asked after the rest of the girls and how they are doing," she told the Daily Mail.

Camilla later said that she believed children should be taken to see the works of William Shakespeare performed on stage.

“What’s so amazing about this is that, as we probably all know, when you’re confronted with Shakespeare when you’re very young you think: ‘Oh dear, this is not going to be very interesting, boring Shakespeare, please don't ask me to read it’.

“But being able to act it like this makes them understand Shakespeare."

When asked whether she thought Shakespeare was accessible during a short interview on a BBC radio program, she said: "I do now because of going to Stratford and seeing the plays. At that age, I didn't.

"My children didn't find it accessible, but the minute they got to Stratford and started seeing the plays, they get it."