Chelsea Clinton's Phantom Wedding

News flash: This August, Chelsea Clinton failed to marry Marc Mezvinsky at the Martha's Vineyard homes of Ted Danson or Vernon Jordan while President Obama looked on. But major media outlets were not about to let "facts" and "denials" get in the way of a good story. The New York Times reports that the greatly exaggerated rumors of Chelsea's impending nuptials were so persistent that at one point the Clintons offered to "make it interesting" by offering to bet any journalist's source $1,000 that there would be no August wedding, a bet no one took. The Times traces the story back to The Boston Globe, which reported on August wedding rumors in May. Despite Clinton-camp denials, New York magazine, the New York Daily News, The Washington Post, and the New York Post were overcome with wedding hysteria and published stories. As the New York Post recently put it, the lack of wedding may indicate that Chelsea or Marc "just isn't ready yet," or as the Times wryly suggested, "maybe the wedding will be in September! Is the $1,000 still on the table?"