Chelsea Handler Begs Trump to Spend More Time Golfing, Less Time President-ing

In this exclusive clip from this week’s episode of ‘Chelsea,’ the host argues that we’ve been thinking about this whole Trump golf thing wrong.


As part of her continued efforts to look on the “bright side” of Donald Trump’s presidency, comedian Chelsea Handler has come to a new conclusion. Instead of attacking the president for playing golf — as he did to President Obama throughout his eight years in office — we should be encouraging him to hit the links as often as possible.

In this exclusive clip from this week’s episode of Chelsea on Netflix, Handler pointed out that Trump has golfed 19 rounds in 14 weeks, even after sending 27 tweets that condemned his predecessor for golfing on the job. “The good news is, Donald Trump never promised America he’d never golf if he became president,” she said, before playing clips of Trump saying just that over and over again on the campaign trail.

But if we really want to “Make America Great Again,” then Handler thinks Trump needs to be “golfing more.” Why let this “beautiful athletic specimen” go to waste? she asked, telling the president he could very well become one of the best “plus-size golfers” ever.

“Please don’t let some boring hobby like being president get in the way of your golf glory,” Handler implored Trump, before counting down nine reasons why he should focus “exclusively and only” on golf.

Those include the fact that in golf, the lowest score wins, and “nobody gets lower scores than you and still calls themselves a winner,” referring to his historically low approval ratings and that he already has the “world’s most loyal” caddy in Sean Spicer. “He’ll lie for you when you go off course and wash your balls, which is basically the same job description he has right now,” she joked.

And finally, she said, if anything ever goes wrong on the golf course, Trump can “blame it on that half-black guy who ruled before you.” No, not President Obama — Tiger Woods.