Chelsea Handler: Sean Spicer’s Holocaust Apology ‘Means Nothing’

Sean Spicer ‘can’t possibly be that stupid naturally,’ Chelsea Handler told Conan O’Brien of the White House press secretary’s Hitler gaffe.


The second season of Chelsea Handler’s Netflix talk show doesn’t return until this Friday, but the comedian couldn’t help but share her thoughts about her favorite member of the Trump administration when she sat down with Conan O’Brien on Tuesday night.

“How about that Sean Spicer, baked potato guy?” Handler asked the host, laughing. “It’s just like, he’s so stupid. He can’t possibly be that stupid naturally.” She said she suspects that President Trump is whispering in Spicer’s ear right before he goes out to the daily press briefing, “Say something about Hitler.”

“And then Sean Spicer is in the middle of diarrhea, pulling his pants up, and he has to go out there and just lie over and over and over again,” she continued. On his bizarre claim Tuesday that “even Hitler” didn’t use chemical weapons, Handler added, “Yeah, because he was such a great guy.”

When O’Brien pointed out that Spicer had apologized for his comments, Handler said, “Whatever, that means nothing at this point. I don’t understand how you can keep that job and go out there and do that. Does he think this is going to end well for him?”

“I mean, he’s going down!” Handler said, adding that she wishes she could be in the press room so she could ask a question of her own. “How do you feel about working for a man who says one thing on Wednesday and another thing on Friday?” she said she would ask Spicer. “Instead, they ask him serious questions as if he’s got a fucking answer. He doesn’t know what to say. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about!”

Handler’s “beef” with first daughter Ivanka Trump is even simpler. “That she’s in that family,” Handler told O’Brien. “That she hasn’t divorced herself publicly from her father. As a woman, I would never let my father run for president, knowing what I know about my father.”

“But my father’s not even half as bad as Donald Trump,” Handler said of the man who is often portrayed as politically incorrect and out of touch on her show.

“That’s the nicest thing you’ve ever said about your dad,” O’Brien joked.