Chicago Judge Accused of Trying to Kiss Cop, Asking Court Reporter ‘How Much’ for Sex

A Chicago judge allegedly tried to kiss a police officer and asked a court reporter “how much money” it would take for her to have sex with him, a state board that oversees judges said in a complaint Thursday. Judge Mauricio Araujo, who has been a judge for over a decade, is accused of directing sexual harassment “toward women with whom he has interacted in professional settings and in his official judicial capacity” in various alleged episodes from 2012 through 2018, the Chicago Tribune reports. Araujo was removed from the bench at the criminal courthouse in September and reassigned following a complaint from the state’s attorney’s office that he allegedly referred to a female prosecutor as “a bitch.” He later allegedly suggested he'd had sex with her. The judicial board asked the Illinois Courts Commission to take action against Araujo, who the board said had brought “the judicial office into disrepute.”