Leaked Database Lists ‘BreedReady’ Status of Nearly Two Million Chinese Women

A Chinese database lists the “BreedReady” status of nearly two million women in the country, a researcher has claimed. The open database allegedly contains highly private information on more than 1.8 million women and girls—the youngest being just 15-years-old—including phone numbers, addresses, and whether they’ve had children or are of child-bearing age. The Guardian reports it’s not clear whether the database has been compiled by a dating app, the Chinese government, or another company. It was discovered by Victor Gevers—a Dutch internet expert from a nonprofit called the GDI Foundation. The average age of the women in the database was 32 and almost 90 percent of the women and girls included on the list were described as single, with 82 percent listed as living in Beijing. The database also included fields labeled “political” and “hasvideo” as well as links to what appear to be Facebook profile pages. The list was taken down late on Monday afternoon local time, Gevers said.