China Probes Canadian Couple for Spying

A Canadian couple that has lived in China on and off for 30 years is being investigated by the Chinese government for espionage. Kevin and Julia Dawn Garratt of Vancouver, British Columbia are “suspected of collecting and stealing intelligence material in Dandong about Chinese military targets and important national defense research projects, and engaging in activities threatening to Chinese national security,” according to the Chinese foreign minister. Last week, Canada publicly accused China of hacking a top research agency. China vehemently denied the charge, but it adds to the mystery surrounding this sudden espionage case. China hasn't confirmed whether the couple is being detained, but family members say they have been unable to reach them. The Garratts run Peter's Coffee Shop in Dandong and have lived in the country full-time for the past six years. “At first I thought it was a joke," their son Simon said. "My parents have loved China ever since they visited on their honeymoon. If you knew them, it would be the most absurd thing you could ever imagine.”