China Slams U.S. for ‘Terrible Human Rights Problems’

In response to recent criticism from the U.S. in a human-rights report, China turned the tables Thursday with a reported devoted to “human rights problems” in the U.S. Beijing’s report condemns U.S. authorities for “wielding ‘the baton of human rights’” and criticizing other countries’ track records while “paying no attention to its own terrible human-rights problems.” Among those problems, the report singled out “worsening racial discrimination” and a presidential election that was “full of lies and farces.” “There were no guarantees of political rights” during the 2016 election, the report says, noting that the outcome was determined by “money politics and power-for-money deals.” “With the gunshots lingering in people’s ears behind the Statue of Liberty, worsening racial discrimination, and the election farce dominated by money politics, the self-proclaimed human-rights defender has exposed its human rights ‘myth’ with its own deeds,” the report said. Last week, a U.S. report on human-rights abuses in 200 different countries warned of “repression and coercion” of civil society groups in China.