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Chloe Moretz as Carrie & More Badass Roles (Video)

Don’t let the cutesy smile and big blue eyes fool you—this teen packs some serious punch. From her new role in Carrie to a vampire gross-out and staring down Alec Baldwin, watch the 15-year-old’s most badass roles.

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She Will Telekinetically Burn Down Your High School

In an entirely appropriate casting move, MGM has picked 15-year-old Moretz to star in a new take on Stephen King’s 1974 classic horror novel Carrie. If the film stays true to its source material, audiences will be treated to the flourishing of Moretz’s regular spunk into full-fledged psychopathy. Pig’s blood will be spilled. High schools will burn. She will telekinetically force someone’s heart to stop beating. The last actress to step into Carrie’s shoes, Sissy Spacek, earned a Best Actress Oscar nomination for her performance, leaving King unsure of how necessary another remake of his book might be. However, he can’t be too unhappy with the lead actress director Kimberley Peirce has chosen—he did, after all, imagine a much more unstable scenario at one point. “Lindsay Lohan as Carrie White…hmmm. It would certainly be fun to cast,” he once joked to Entertainment Weekly.

She Pulverizes Grown Men. Lots of Them.

In her breakout performance as Hit-Girl, Moretz made her entrance in 2010’s Kick-Ass by stabbing a guy through the chest with a spear, watching him drop dead to the ground, and whispering, “Okay, you c-nts. Let’s see what you can do now.” The scene effectively cemented Moretz’s status as the anti-Dakota Fanning. Taking on more than a dozen fully-grown men at a time—aand shooting, chopping, and stabbing her way through every one—will do that to a girl.

She’s Not Buying That Whole ‘Love’ Thing

Even in an adorkable indie romantic comedy like 2009’s (500) Days of Summer, Moretz’s character Rachel was a beacon of eye-rolling, level-headed rationality in an otherwise overwhelming sea of twee. When her character’s older brother Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) comes home utterly infatuated with the quirky new girl at work (Summer, played by Zooey Deschanel), Rachel’s not buying it. She sighs exasperatedly and dispenses surprisingly lucid advice like a wizened old veteran. “Just ‘cause some cute girl likes the same bizarro crap you do doesn’t make her your soulmate,” she snaps.

She Once Fed On Her Own Father’s Blood

On the rare occasion that she does fall in love in a film, Moretz at least has the sense to do it with blood dripping from her mouth. In Let Me In, the 2010 remake of Sweden’s Let the Right One In, Moretz starred as a mini-vampire who becomes the object of the boy next door’s affections. The film’s goriest moments show Moretz killing and drinking the blood of various humans—from random joggers to neighborhood bullies to her own “father”—but some genuinely tender moments are shared too. Take this deleted scene for instance, where with bloody hands and a morose expression, Moretz’s character relates the story of how she became a vampire. Ah, puppy love.

She Once Had Fruit Roll-Ups For Dinner—at a Strip Club

Chloe Moretz’s guest role on 30 Rock last year put her face-to-face with Alec Baldwin’s Jack Donaghy, as she stood in between Jack and his ambition of becoming the CEO of “Cabletown,” a fictional TV company. While at first she seemed like a normal, Bieber-loving 14-year-old with dreams of becoming a marine biologist, her true colors showed when Jack caught her with a copy of his autobiography—“reading up on the enemy,” Moretz’s character called it. Oh, and it turns out she didn’t really want to be a marine biologist: “The ocean’s for tools,” she snarled. In this season’s return of Kaylie Hooper, the future CEO showed that she’d lost none of her edge, strutting into 30 Rockefeller again and, upon being asked what she was doing there, answering, “Enjoying my total lack of adult supervision. I just had fruit roll-ups for dinner—at a strip club.”

She Is ‘The Scary Girl'

From roles in The Amityville Horror to Wicked Little Things, Chloe Moretz is no stranger to horror—but none of her roles have been quite like that of Enid Krykinski. The character was created for a Funny or Die video as part of a promotional blitz for Moretz’s part in last year’s Hugo. The video tracks Enid (who looks a whole lot like Samantha Morgan, the little girl from The Ring) and her rise to fame, from humble beginnings playing Tinker Bell in school plays to her ultimate dream of being “the scary Meryl Streep.”

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She Will Make You Afraid of Monsters Again

Most small children like drawing things like puppies or rainbows in class—but as the disturbed little girl Melissa in 2006’s Room 6, a 9-year-old Chloe Moretz preferred drawing pictures of this guy. As the clip shows, this made for some awkward parent-teacher conference time as little Melissa stares dead into the eyes of her teacher, pierces her innermost paranoia, and eventually convinces her that monsters are real.