Chris Farley’s Family Settles Lawsuit Over ‘Fat Guy’ Brand

The family of Chris Farley settled a lawsuit Wednesday with a company that allegedly used the late comedian’s name to promote a line of “fat guy” bicycles, reports The New York Times. Make Him Smile, a company run by Farley’s family that claims to own his property rights, argued that Trek Bicycle Corporation illegitimately profited from the actor’s legacy by naming their line of “fat guy” bikes “Farley.” The bicycles in question “have oversized tires and other features for riding on unusual terrain like snow or sand,” says the Times, and the lawsuit alleges that Trek “knew what they were doing when they elected to use the name Farley.” The Times notes that being overweight was central to Farley’s image, so much so that “he even considered sacrificing his own health to keep it up.” Make Him Smile originally indicated that damages could exceed $10 million, but did not disclose the terms of Wednesday’s settlement.