Chris Lee’s Craigslist Crush Speaks Out

The Marylander who received and forwarded a shirtless photo of the recently former Rep. Christopher Lee has some advice for the congressman’s wife: get tested. “I'm sure he hooked up with women from Craigslist who may have had, um, seedy paths,” she told Gawker. She also wants to make a correction: She’s not middle-aged; she’s 34 and could pass for 24 any day. The woman, who wants to stay “as anonymous as possible,” was surprised that Lee resigned. “People have done a lot worse. It's the D.C. area, so you have Congressmen with call women and escorts, but I'm neither one of those. It goes to show [that] almost everyone think it's acceptable to be cheating, using whatever venue they can come across.” She was on a date when she got the news.